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 JDefender 1.6

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PostSubject: JDefender 1.6   Mon Feb 18, 2008 10:28 pm

JDefender 1.6

Component for Joomla 1.0

JDefender - Ultimate Joomla Protection. Component that protects Joomla from Flood, PHP Injections, MySql Injections for any component. "Must have" for everyone who is concerned about the security of His/Her site.

80% of internet businesses cannot recover after information loss caused by these attacks and stop their business. Information protection is a very important factor in today’s “Informational Age”.

Though Joomla is known as quite secure CMS, it is even in top 3 of the most secure CMS in the world even among commercial. But we know that recently some alert took the place on component installation page .

Warning: Installing 3rd party extensions may compromise your server's security. Upgrading your Joomla! installation will not update your 3rd party extensions. For more information on keeping your site secure, please see the Joomla! Security Forum.

Sometimes Joomla is hacked but in 99% of cases the reason is 3dp (Third Party Developer) Components. That is because it is not always easy to develop secure component for:

* Lack of time
* Lack of knowledge
* Hope that Internet is too big for one's developer holes will be found
* Laziness
* Ignorance

Securing the component can take 20% of all development time, what is significant. That is why we develop JDefender. Component that protects Joomla installation from most common attacks like:

* PHP Injection
* Mysql Injection
* Flood

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JDefender 1.6
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