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PostSubject: VB PLUGINS!!!!!   Mon Feb 18, 2008 11:03 pm

SigmaChat Easy Install for 3.6
Inline (Ajax) Subscription Management
IpInfo -- Extra user IP information
Forum Closed Message [BBCode Parse]
PM Moderation
Remove Forum Category from Navbar
Separate Sticky and Normal Threads
Auto-PM to Staff when a User is Banned
Display Forumjump Menu on Forum Home
Redirect to Forum after Posting New Thread
Advanced Plugin Manager - Reloaded
Exclude Banned Members from Membercount
Fake Community Statistics
Header Marquee Text
Forum Home Announcement
Your Current Alexa Rank (Integrated With VB)
Countdown Timer in signature
Image resizer
Age Lock v2.0 Beta 2
Right side column on forum home only
HIT COUNTER! (Integrated With VB)
vB Pizza Boy
Adoptables hack for vBulletin 3.6
Vbulletin Rss Views Feed 2.0.1
easyFeedback - How do your users rate your community?
Languages Chose Navbar (Flag Picture)
Top xx Reputation Forum Home
Most Popular Forum Home
Now Playing
Left side column on forum home only
Own Redirector and Anonymization V2.0
Additional Navbar In Footer
Latest Admin Actions on Admin CP Index
Latest 10 PM Admin Index
Tic Tac Toe Game
thread visitor counts
most popular admin index
Latest 5 Attach Admin index
AdminCP Top 10 Statistic

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