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 Koobi Pro Edition - All versions and links here!

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PostSubject: Koobi Pro Edition - All versions and links here!   Mon Feb 18, 2008 10:44 pm

Info on website:

Online Demos:

CMS Koobi PRO 5.7


With the web content management system Koobi �
� Professional (with shop) you can maintain the content �
� of websites the easy way. �
� �
� It's the perfect solution for businesses, who want to �
� sell their products online without missing comfortable �
� functions of a CMS. Koobi Professional connects 2 main �
� functions (shop + CMS) and is consequently offering you �
� the perfect solution for your web appearance. �
� �
� NOTE: The keygen is integrated in the setup.php, so it �
� will proceed the generation and replacing automatically. �
� (we recommend to turn safe mode off!) �
� It's also possible to run it separately but you have to �
� make sure that the sm_* vars are in your files else it �
� won't work. �
� �
� It works just like a sfv checker but is using the more �
� sensitive MD5 sums and as it's PHP-based it needs the same �
� requirements like the script: a webserver running PHP. �
� Do not try to edit, rename or delete any file else the �
� release checker will give you errors and you definitely �
� got a modified release - in that case make sure you read �
� our reminder below. �
� If you need to upload the script content via FTP make sure �
� you use the BINARY mode to transfer the files. �
� We recommend you to remove sm-check.php and sm-check.md5 �
� after the validation if you want to run it in public. �
� The source code is protected using a custom base64 �
� encoding which increased the file size so don't waste your �
� time on that, just use it and enjoy our releases. �
� Expect more ...
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Koobi Pro Edition - All versions and links here!
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